Disabilities in the Workplace

Encouraging thought on Disabilities in the Workplace is a ThinkShop™ focusing on developing a better understanding of Disabilities, the limitations they may impose, and how to accommodate in the modern workplace.

  • Introduction to Disabilities, their impact, their limitations, and their challenges to the individual

  • Accommodating in the workplace

  • The advantages and benefits of creating a truly inclusive workplace

Disabilities in the Workplace helps both employees and employers to approach disabilities in the workplace with a higher level of awareness and a higher level of confidence in creating workplaces that are productive, professional, and truly inclusive.

Work a Mile in My Shoes™

Encouraging thought on Work a Mile in My Shoes™ is a comprehensive experiential ThinkShop™ simulating various disabilities in your workplace. Comprised of three phases, typically presented over a three-to-four week period;

  • Introductory ThinkShop™ focusing on Disabilities in the Workplace, DISability INability, Creating Truly Inclusive Workplaces (Typically ½ day)

  • Full Day Experiential Simulation of Disabilities in the Workplace

  • Post Event Debrief, Shared Experiences Input, and Question & Answer (Typically ½ day)

Work a Mile in My Shoes™ helps to provide a better understanding of Disabilities in the Workplace, how and when they can be accommodated, and how a Person with a Disability can interact in your workplace.

Work a Mile in My Shoes™ is designed to give the Employer and the Individual a greater awareness about Disability Employment; and a higher level of confidence and comfort in creating a disability-inclusive work environment

Work a Mile in My Shoes™ is an individually designed ThinkShop™ specific to each client’s needs. Please contact tqSkills to discuss this unique opportunity