Assessments & Solutions

True Quality™ Leadership

Encouraging thought on True Quality™ Leadership is a ThinkShop™ focusing on developing the skills, abilities, and mindset of a true Leader. True Quality™ Leadership focuses on;

• Understanding what a True Leader is

• There IS a difference between a Leader and a Manager

• Thinking and acting like a Leader

True Quality™ Leadership is designed to think about the true attributes and responsibilities of being a leader who guides, mentors, and nurtures both their employees and the company to achieve higher productivity, greater success, and future growth.

True Quality™ Customer Service & Sales

Encouraging thought on True Quality™ Customer Service & Sales is a performance excellence ThinkShop™ focusing on learning and applying the skills necessary to meet both Customer and Company expectations in creating a win-win resolution to Customer Inquiries, Service issues, and Customer complaints.

Focus to encourage thought centers on;

• f3 – First Call, First Contact, Final Resolution

• 80 / 20 Listening & Communication

• Developing lasting Customer Relationships

True Quality™ Customer Service & Sales focuses on first contact problem resolution to Customer inquiries; and building long term customer relationships.

True Quality™ Coaching & Mentoring

Encouraging thought on True Quality™ Coaching & Mentoring is a ThinkShop™ designed to discuss the importance and process of Coaching and Mentoring frontline and entry level employees to achieve;

• Performance Excellence

• Training and Management Skills

• Leadership Skills to target Career Advancement

True Quality™ Coaching & Mentoring focuses on the importance of consistent monitoring and coaching with performance excellence, and customer satisfaction as the primary goal. This Thinkshop™ also focuses on identifying top performers with leadership potential, and how to mentor them into positions where they can make greater contributions to both the company and themselves.