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Mental Health in the Workplace

Based on the True Quality™ philosophy of Personal Growth, Professional Success, and Continuous Life-Long Learning; look at challenges from “a different perspective”; and learn how to be proactive, preventative, and solutions-based in your business, employment, and personal spheres.

True Quality is a Personal Choice™

Real change will not occur,
Until we change
the way we think

Unleash the Power Within

Join the Mental Health revolution today.

Encouraging Thought Services


True Quality™

– Encouraging thought on True Quality™ focuses tqSkills’ learning philosophy on key areas of everyday business and employment where today’s workplace challenges are tackled with true Leadership, proactive prevention, and results-oriented solutions.


– Encouraging thought for ONdisabilities™ focuses tqSkills’ True Quality™ philosophy on Disability Employment, Workplace Accommodation, and Creating Truly Inclusive Workplaces.

Assessments & Solutions

– Assessment & Solutions brings tqSkills’ learning philosophy to key areas of everyday business and employment where a change in the way we think is often the only thing needed to improve performance, sales, and customer service.

tqSkills’ Encouraging Thought Series ThinkShops™ are offered in various formats to fit scheduling and operational needs of the participants involved.

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